About Us

Scott's is a division of Mascot Pecan Shelling Company

Scott's® Fundraising Resource is a division of Mascot Pecan Shelling Company, a family owned manufacturer of shelled pecans, specialty confections and food gifts.


Since 1979, Scott's® has used traditional confection-making methods to craft award-winning chocolates from scratch. We take pride in our ingredients, using only the freshest components to produce our full-flavored candies. Scott's® supports national school fundraising efforts by proudly providing more than five million boxes of these premium confections every year.


Scotts® full-line capabilities set us apart from the competition and enable us to do custom projects. We specialize in customized chocolate molds and coloring and are delighted to design specialty confections to meet your needs. Our modern manufacturing facility, located in Glennville, Georgia, can produce large volumes when necessary and has state-of-the-art refrigeration space, allowing all our goods to be stored at consistent and ideal temperatures.


Quality is of paramount importance to the team at Scott's®. We follow all guidelines enforced by our HAACP program, ensuring that the safety and quality in the production of our goods from raw ingredients to the finished product is impeccable.


We have strived to become SQF Certified. SQF Certified is recognized by retailers and food service providers around the world that require a rigorous, credible food safety management system.