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About SCOTT’S Fundraising


SCOTT’S Fundraising is a division of MASCOT PECAN SHELLING CO. INC., a privately owned maker of chocolate and nut products, which is located in Glennville, Georgia. MASCOT has been a family owned business since 1955.


SCOTT’S proudly provides premium boxed chocolates and flavored nuts to distributors who sell SCOTT’S products to support non-profit fundraising efforts annually.


When you partner with SCOTT’S, you have access to our experienced team who will help you grow your business.  SCOTT’S is always ready and willing to help you create remarkable fundraising programs to ensure success!


SCOTT’S Product Quality


SCOTT’S is best known for our great-selling, mouth-watering chocolates. We use only the freshest ingredients, real milk and dark chocolate made with natural cocoa butter.  We use compound confectioners coating for many of our whimsical shaped candies such as our Frog Fudgies.  Since we are owned by MASCOT PECAN SHELLING CO. INC., we have the highest quality pecans and other nut products in our chocolate candies.


At SCOTT’S, we are proud to have our very own Candy Plant. By controlling production, we offer our customers unique items; we produce large quantities; and we ship within a short period of time. We follow strict FDA guidelines with programs such as HACCP and outside lab support to ensure food safety and quality in our production of fine chocolates. We are also SQF certified. SQF certification is recognized by retailers and food service providers around the world that require a rigorous, credible food safety management system. 


SCOTT’S chocolates are manufactured under the supervision of the Atlanta Kashruth Commission and are certified kosher. 


Is the logo that appears on SCOTT’S kosher certified products

SCOTT’S Shipping Procedures


SCOTT’S requires five business days from order placement to shipment from our dock for stock items. For custom or non-stock items, please call SCOTT’S for a ship date. For pick-ups, please notify SCOTT’S Shipping Department at 912-654-2195 of the date and time your carrier will arrive.  Include your order confirmation number, company name and P.O. number when calling. There is a three-day grace period for missed order pick up appointments.  After three days, storage fees apply. Pick-up hours are 8:30 am


– 4:30 pm EST, Monday-Friday.  If you would like to be called by the trucking company prior to delivery, include this instruction in your order.  The trucking company may charge for this service.


For e-mailed, electronic, or faxed notification of invoices contact SCOTT’S Credit Department at 800- 356-2100 or include instructions on your Purchase Order. SCOTT’S highly recommends e-mail.


Warm Weather Shipping:  During warm weather months, insulated cartons and ice packs will be used to keep product at safe and ideal temperatures. A charge of $0.48 per ice pack will be applied. SCOTT’S also reserves the right to ship via refrigerated truck. Refrigerated LTL (less than truckload) shipment orders need to be placed by noon Friday EST the prior week to reserve space for the shipment going out the following Thursday or Friday. You may incur additional charges from your LTL carrier if you request specific delivery dates and times, need lift gate, inside delivery, or residential delivery.


Product Temperature Specifications: The FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices recommend maintaining candy and nuts below 70 degrees. SCOTT’S relinquishes product quality liability if you have products shipped outside our product handling guidelines.  To ensure product freshness and food safety, SCOTT’S is unable to accept food returns.  We highly recommend storing our chocolate at 45°-50° Fahrenheit and at 50% or less humidity for maximum shelf life and freshness.    


Waiver:  If a customer chooses to use a non-refrigerated carrier when temperatures are warmer than product specifications for safe shipping, the customer must sign a waiver form releasing SCOTT’S from any liability for the condition of the product.


The standard lead-time for SCOTT’S stock item order is five in-house days. However due to unforeseen volume increases and raw material market changes, at times stock items availability is out of SCOTT’S control. Therefore, SCOTT’S will work with each customer if unexpected item back-orders occur. Expedited freight and sub-standard lead time is the responsibility of the customer.


SCOTT’S Product Handling Guidelines and Claims


Upon receipt of product, it is strongly recommended that the distributor conduct a quality inbound inspection. This inbound inspection should include a sight test, open sampling and taste test of top corner case.  You need to count cases, not number of pallets. If you sign for the shipment complete when you receive it and later find you are short an item(s) you and we have no recourse with the freight company. You will have to reorder the product you are missing.  


Any problems with your shipment like damages or missing cases must be written on your incoming Bill of Lading.  Note problems on Bill of Lading before you sign as received. This includes shortages. Then, call SCOTT’S Customer Service with concerns, all lot code numbers, quantities and order/invoice number. All concealed damages must be reported in writing or via email to SCOTT’S within three business days of delivery. SCOTT’S will not be held responsible for product if an inbound inspection is not performed. The distributor is responsible for any loss incurred while in transit, even if you asked SCOTT’S to ship it for you. Distributors & authorized sellers of SCOTT’S products are reminded to properly rotate inventory.


Carriers: SCOTT’S has discounts with FedEx Freight dry carrier and will be glad to extend that discount to you.


Refrigerated Carriers: SCOTT’S uses Frozen Food Express (FFE) to ship LTL refrigerated products.


SCOTT’S Transit Temperature Monitoring System


SCOTT’S will include a Transit Temperature Monitoring System (TTMS) recorder in every full refrigerated truckload. The TTMS will generate a permanent ten-day strip-chart temperature history record that should be returned to us for logging the history of your shipment. The shipping paperwork will specify the location of the TTMS. For step-by-step TTMS procedures or reviewing a sample chart, contact SCOTT’S Quality Department at 912-654-0051.



SCOTT’S Product Line


SCOTT’S offers chocolate and nut items. All Products are sold by the case only.  SCOTT’S master price list is FOB Glennville, GA and contains only the items that SCOTT’S is selling. SCOTT’S is not responsible for items being sold by a distributor that are not on the master price list.


SCOTT’S stock brochures and tag brochures are available (refer to www.scottsfundraising.com). Custom brochure design will be quoted and design will begin once an agreement is signed. All custom brochures printed by SCOTT’S will include all design & vendor fees in the quoted brochure unit price. All custom brochures printed by the customer will have design & vendor fees invoiced as quoted.


SCOTT’S Terms of Sale


Payment terms for both brochures and products are Net 30 days and are contingent on credit approval. All product and brochure orders are firm. No cancellations will be allowed.    You may need to line up interim financing with your bank to keep invoices within terms. Accounts not paid within terms could result in decrease or revocation of credit.


SCOTT’S Ordering Procedures


Orders should be placed via FAX 912-654-2618 or via email – orders@scottsfundraising.com which allows us to receive orders 24/7 and retain a hard copy of your order. Include a customer identifier number (order/purchase order number) and SCOTT’S item numbers. Double check quantities to reduce errors. All orders should be placed in case quantities Only. 


If you change your order later than 24 hours after you place it and we have completed the BOL and have your order packed, there will be a $100.00 change fee for us to make changes to the order and repack.


Specify how you would like your order shipped or customer pick up (i.e. refrigerated, dry, UPS) and indicate your preferred carrier.  Indicate only one ship/receipt date per order. Food orders will NOT be accepted for dry LTL shipping in August.


SCOTT’S Credit and Billing


To apply for credit or ask questions about your SCOTT’S invoice or billing statement, please  contact our Credit Manager at 800-356-2100 or fax 912-654-2618. SCOTT’S accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We apply a 2.5% Credit card processing fee. That will be added to the total amount of invoice including freight if you are using a credit card.


Any claim arising from lost, damaged or delayed goods is between the distributor and the carrier. SCOTT’S will assist by supplying copies of necessary documentation for you to file the claim. Even if damages are being disputed, the invoice is still due to SCOTT’S within 30 days.


SCOTT’S Shipping Procedures


SCOTT’S recommends you set up an account and arrange your own freight carrier prior to the first delivery. If you choose to have SCOTT’S procure a carrier it must be specified when ordering and that carrier must be used or the distributor will pay the carrier cancellation fee.


If you have SCOTT’S ship your products, we will ship FOB Collect Glennville, GA or Sun Prairie, WI (paid for by the distributor) unless previous arrangements have been made. Ownership of the shipment passes to the distributor when the truck departs from SCOTT’S dock. Updated February 1, 2018.